Animals caught in the Net -

Animals caught in the Net

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ABSECON - Some residents in Absecon have made several complaints about a deadly net in the back of Holy Spirit High School.

Several animals have injured or died after becoming tangled in the nets.

Nothing but net for Holy Spirit High School…Not on the basketball court but in their batting cage.

We received an email from a resident concerned for the well being of wild animals on the grounds of Holy Spirit Sigh School.

"Unfortunately there have been some animals caught in the cage when the cage is down.  So what we've done is put the cage all the way up and we've locked it with a bicycle lock," said Assistant Principal & Athletic Director Jay Connell, Holy Spirit High School.

Most recently, complaints were received concerning a kitten that died after being caught in the nets just last week.

Now animal enthusiasts are concerned that the high school is not doing enough to combat the issue and prevent other animals from suffering the same fate.

"I became aware of the cat problem and within 10 minutes I rectified the problem.  Some people say we've had problems for 20 years.  I'm unaware of that," explained Connell.

After receiving numerous complaints, the school's resolution is to pull up the nets every afternoon using bike locks, so no animals are harmed. In the morning, pulls down the nets using the key that only school officials have access too.

“Unfortunately people in the community use it and leave it down and we can't monitor 24-7…This is the best resolution at this time," said Connell.

We reached out to wildlife aid, but were unable to reach them for comment.

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