Officials offer safety tips for hot weather conditions -

Officials offer safety tips for hot weather conditions

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With temperatures in the 90's on Tuesday and the mercury expected to rise even higher tomorrow, public health officials are urging residents to stay safe during these hot temperatures.

"We always recommend that people really need to be aware that with an increase in heat, there's an increase in becoming dehydrated and perspiring more," said Patricia Diamond, a Public Health Officer with the Atlantic County Division of Public Health.

Diamond says dehydration in these hot temperatures can cause several heat related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Here are some symptoms that Diamond says folks should look out for.

For heat exhaustion, people may become dizzy and nauseous due to dehydration and may also sweat heavily.

For heat stroke...

"The skin is hot to touch. The person is really no longer perspiring. So that's a medical emergency and you need to seek medical attention right away," said Diamond.

In order to avoid these heat related illnesses, Diamond says it's important to drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day.

"Don't wait until you're thirsty. Continue to drink small amounts. It's important to keep your body as cool as possible because you're going to be losing a lot of water through sweating, and the temperature of your body is going to increase," said Diamond.

County officials also say it's important to stay in cool places, and if you don't have air conditioning there are cooling centers located throughout the county.

"The county opens all of our county libraries and some of the municipal libraries where people can go if they don't have air conditioning. They can go there to get some relief from the suppressing heat and humidity," said Vince Jones, Director of Atlantic County Emergency Management.

Officials also urge residents to look out for their elderly neighbors.

"We ask people to check on your neighbors if you know they're home and they can't get around," said Jones.

"They're not going to realize they're getting dehydrated and they're sweating more. They really need to get fluids replaced as well," said Diamond. 

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