South Jersey reacts to first 90 degree day of the year -

South Jersey reacts to first 90 degree day of the year

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Opinions varied on the Atlantic City Boardwalk Tuesday afternoon as crowds of people strolling the boards got their first taste of "real" summer heat.

It’s pretty warm, feels good though, said Bill Folkan of Long Island. "I don't want it too hot this summer but a couple of nice days like this will be good."

"It’s too should say at like 70 or 75," said Aaron Richardson of Philadelphia.

While not everyone was happy to see the highest temperatures all year, others took advantage of a cooling breeze and made the most of it.

"Its very nice to see a beautiful day like today, its got a nice little breeze and it's a nice day to be out," said Bob Rothman, who was visiting from Florida.

"The first hot day of the year, 90 degrees, there’s a little breeze, its all about the breeze," said Ginny Stewart, who was visiting from Philadelphia.

Some welcomed the heat and went for an afternoon jog. Others sought relief in the ocean or a pool.

"We’re going to hopefully go in the water if its not too cold and just enjoy the day," said Folkan.

And after a winter that seemed like it would never end, a little extra sweat on this warm Tuesday served as a reminder that summer is finally here.

"It did seem like a long winter," said Stewart. "No more snow, no more cleaning off your car, no more stepping over ice piles."

So some say the temperatures were too hot on Tuesday, while others say it is just right. One thing people spoke with can agree on however, this sure beats what we went through this past winter.

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