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Exterminators report high volume of tick-related calls

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Science has discovered that the tick population tends to follow about three years after a bumper acorn crop, and plenty of acorns for small mammals to feed on means plenty of small mammals for ticks to feed on.

"Possums, chipmunks, all those animals and then a year after that the tick population explodes,” says Paul Utts, Owner of Rid Pest Control.

"Right now is the most dangerous time for ticks because they're in the nymph stage and they're really small and hard to see,” said Big Bomber Jason Blackman.

"Number one, ticks are really active that time of year and also people are more likely to be outdoors working in the yard or recreating,” said Atlantic County Public Health Officer Patricia Diamond.

Ticks are mainly found in wooded and overgrown areas, and generally wait for their hosts in ground level to knee-high vegetation.

"They love to thrive in leaf-litter so if you have a thorough spring cleaning that's an area where ticks will thrive as well,” said Diamond.

For personal protection against these known disease carriers, use your standard bug spray like Off or Cutter.

For something a little stronger, try a heavy duty spray that contains the pesticide permethrin.

"In this case, the tick will not only drop off when they attach to you, but they'll die,” said Utts.

To protect your property there are some options that work on a larger scale.

"We'll spray a perimeter around your property. We would spray all the leaf litter, all the tree line and we create a perimeter on the property that will keep the ticks out of your yard,” says Bug Bomber Jim Scoppa.

A sprayed pesticide should keep ticks out, but could also kill other, potentially beneficial bugs.

However, there are ways to cover your property without hurting pollinators.

"So if you use a granular pesticide in the edge of the property, again, not on the grass, when that tick goes to make that change from one stage to the next, it dies,” explained Utts.

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