Proposed bill would give tax credit to seasonal businesses -

Proposed bill would give tax credit to seasonal businesses

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With the minimum wage increase voted into effect last year, seasonal businesses are feeling the pressures of increased overhead costs.

"I think the Jersey Shore in many areas and especially to the north is in a very difficult and vulnerable position and having these additional costs thrown upon them, really, it's really unfortunate at this point in time,” said Will Morey, Cape May County Freeholder and owner of Morey’s Piers.

"They'll probably have to charge more money. More for popcorn and rides and dinner and sodas, said 1st District Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi.

The assemblyman’s new bill would give a tax credit to seasonal businesses based on the hours worked by their employees.

"The federal minimum wage is $7.25. The state minimum wage is $8.25,” explained Fiocchi. “They'll get a tax credit at this point which is $1. So for every hour that is worked by an employee, they get a tax credit for that time."

As for employees making minimum wage, they’re enjoying their pay raise.

"It's a little better. My paychecks look much better,” laughed Lindsey Burns, who works at McDonalds.

"Cause I get paid more than I did before. That's the plus side of it, but it's still a little bit if you ask me,” said Dairy Queen employee Gabrielle Fernandez, who said she doesn’t feel bad for the employers now forced to pay a dollar more per hour.

"It's their job. Like, we're working for them. We're slaving over them. We have - They're giving us mad hours but we're getting paid a little bit. So it's like, I think we deserve it,” said Fernandez.


, Fiocchi says he’ll continue to support seasonal business in New Jersey.

"You know, they provide employment and tax dollars so we need to make sure they're able to operate on a level playing field,” said Fiocchi.

With state legislature out of session, lawmakers are gathering support for this bill and hope to see it move forward later this month or in June.

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