Chris Brown's DC trial delayed for months -

Chris Brown's DC trial delayed for months

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Singer Chris Brown's assault trial in Washington, DC was put on hold today -- possibly for months.

Brown is accused of hitting a man outside a hotel. His bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, was convicted on Monday of assaulting the man in a separate trial.

Brown and Hollosy both claim that only Hollosy's punch was thrown, and hollosy was to be a key witness in Brown's trial.

But Hollosy is appealing his conviction, and would not testify in Brown's case unless he was granted immunity -- or until after the appeal is finished.

Prosecutors refused to grant immunity, so the trial will be delayed until after the appeal.

"The government declined to give immunity to Hollosy. The cynic in me would say, apparently it's not a search for the truth. Because if they wanted the truth, they'd give Hollosy immunity and allow him to testify," says Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos.

"The fact of the matter is, is that I think it's a little over the top to have him in custody on this misdemeanor, when everybody saw the bodyguard's trial. It was nothing more than a bloody nose. And now you've got the bodyguard who was convicted and who readily admitted he was the one who did the punching. So i think all of this is much ado about nothing."

Brown was in Washington for the expected start of the trial today, having been transported by US Marshals from California, where he is in custody while awaiting trial on charges of assaulting his then-girlfriend, the singer Rihanna.

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