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NYPD's social media campaign doesn't go as planned

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A Twitter-based PR move by the New York City Police Department seemed like a good idea at the time, but as Gus Rosendale found, some of the posts weren't exactly what the NYPD wanted to highlight.

Times Square may be one of the most photographed parts of town. People will take photos of just about anything or anyone.  

The police are a popular backdrop, and the NYPD wanted to capitalize on these displays of goodwill. It is not going to plan.

"There's nothing wrong with the hashtag. But when you abuse the hashtag, then that's the problem."

On its Twitter account, the NYPD has been soliciting people to post pictures of smiling citizens and cops, along with the hashtag "#MYNYPD." And there have been lots of cheerful entries like these.

"Most of the time, I really appreciate the, you know, our law enforcement."

But there have also been thousands of posts like these ... #MYNYPD, alongside photos of cops making arrests, struggling with people in cuffs. A lot of the pics appear to be from around the time of Occupy Wall Street.

"The mother of my daughter is a cop, a police officer. So I don't have a problem against police. I have a problem against crooked police."

A department spokesperson says, "the nypd is creating new ways to communicate effectively with the community. Twitter provides an open forum for an uncensored exchange and this is an open dialogue good for our city."

"That's the worst thing ever for NYPD. I mean, it's like embarrassment, totally."

That hashtag quickly became a "trending topic" -- and received responses from around the world.

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