Study: More fruits and veggies will save your life -

Study: More fruits and veggies will save your life

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A new study shows those who eat seven servings of vegetables and fruit a day live longer.  

Mom always said eat your veggies... And now it's not just five fruits and veggies a day.  

A new study says getting seven or more can prolong your life, and it says vegetables are better than fruit.  

"The study was showing that getting more phyto-nutrients fiber and antioxidants from vegetables which are lower calorie lower sugar are more beneficial," says University of Minnesota Medical Center registered dietitian Angela Moeding. 

Researchers at University College London say eating seven servings vegetables and fruit a day decreases your risk of death, from a number of diseases, by 42%... compared with those eating one serving or less.

While seven servings of fruits and vegetables may sound possible... What exactly would it take to get seven veggies a day? 

"So this would be an example of seven servings of vegetables for one day."

Portion sizes may be smaller than you think. A serving of vegetables would be a ½ cup of cooked vegetables like this broccoli, about a cup of raw vegetables or two cups of leafy greens."

Moeding says getting a variety of color, then hide vegetables in omelets, meat loaf, soups.. Have a salad for lunch. So does Moeding get seven servings of vegetables a day?

"Probably not seven. I try to but i do sneak a lot into my family's diet as much as i can and nobody's perfect even dietitians."

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