Child bakes cupcakes to help other children -

Child bakes cupcakes to help other children

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It all started about five months ago when Shelby Einwecther of Mays Landing was watching an "Operation Smile" show.

"She was so moved. Immediately after the show, she asked her mom what we can do about this," said Chris Einwechter, Shelby’s father.

That's when Shelby decided she was going to bake cupcakes to raise $250, which is enough money to operate on one child with a cleft lip.

"I didn't do it because I wanted to look good. I did it because I wanted to help somebody else and change their life," said Shelby.

And Shelby got the job done. She sold nearly 200 cupcakes and raised just enough money to save one child in need.

"Even when she didn't want to, she kept on baking and kept on doing what she needed to do. She knew she was going to change somebody's life," said Lauren Einwechter, Shelby’s mother.

"It feels good because I know that I'm helping someone that's hurting right now," said Shelby.

Shelby sold the cupcakes to friends, family and neighbors. She says she wouldn't stop baking until she raised enough money.

"She's helpful and she's trying to make people smile so they can have a better life," said Lauren Einwechter, Shelby’s sister.

"I just think that it's important for us to teach our children that they can do things like this on their own," said Shelby’s father.

"I should help someone the way my parents blessed me. I should bless someone else," said Shelby.

And on Saturday, Shelby and her family will send the money to Operation Smile.

"We kept saying that this one thing is going to change one child's life just by baking some cupcakes here in our house," said Shelby’s father.

Baking cupcakes to make a difference in someone's life.

"I’m blessed to have a daughter that would want to do something like this. Rather than doing something for herself, she wanted to do something for somebody else," said Shelby’s father.

"I love my sister. She's the best one I ever had," said Shelby’s sister. 

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