Sandy victims seek help from Gov. Christie's Mobile Cabinet -

Sandy victims seek help from Gov. Christie's Mobile Cabinet

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On Wednesday, Hurricane Sandy victims still struggling since the storm lined up at the Brigantine Community Center to get answers from Governor Christie's Mobile Cabinet.

"It’s very discouraging, but you won’t get anywhere if you don't keep pushing at it."

That's why Lauren Brown and more than 150 other Brigantine residents, who had their lives turned upside down by Hurricane Sandy, lined up in the hopes of getting help.

Brigantine Mayor, Philip Gunther, told NBC40, "The people that you see here are the people who have been impacted by Sandy." And after more than a year-and-a-half since the storm, officials say many needs still have not been met and questions remain.

Some were able to get some answers from the Christie Administration's Mobile Cabinet...which spent the day hearing their concerns and their issues.

Cathy Coyle and her husband had severe flood damage following the storm and said, "It's nice to know that they come here and try to help you! It's very comforting. It hasn't been as bad as a lot of others, but it's pretty hectic. You know, it's just that you don't feel like you're living in your home as it was - and we're still waiting to put it back together."

But with Sandy funding problems on the state level, thousands of victims, like the Coyles, say they have been waiting and waiting for help. Mayor Gunther told NBC40, "Many of them have waited about 17 months to begin."

Although Gov. Christie couldn't make it to Brigantine on Wednesday, many of the Sandy victims that NBC40 spoke with said they were glad the various different departments from his administrations were there to answer questions.

Brown said, "I know a lot of people have unanswered questions. It's nice to talk to someone face-to-face versus calling someone all the time and hearing the same thing."

From the Department of Community Affairs, to the Governor's Office of Constituent Relations, residents say some of their frustrations have been lifted.

John Scotland is the Chairman of Brig Strong and said, "Just by people having the ability to articulate their story...that helps."

The Department of Community Affairs told some victims waiting for the Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation, and Mitigation (RREM) Program, that by June, 3700 people on the list should receive their grant money.

Brigantine officials say they have around 280 homeowners on the waiting list.

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