Atlantic County Animal Shelter free rabies vaccine clinic -

Atlantic County Animal Shelter free rabies vaccine clinic

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PLEASANTVILLE - Animal lovers stood in line and braved the rain today all for their pets.

"I have two beautiful animals right here that I know need to have their shots, so I took advantage of the free shots for today,” said Darren Collins of Atlantic City, NJ.
And so did many others.

The Atlantic County Animal Shelter opened their doors to hundreds of local pets for their free rabies vaccination clinic on Sunday.

"We just think it's a very important service to make sure that all residents have the available resources to have their animals vaccinated," said Kathy Kelsey, Manager of Atlantic County Animal Shelter.

Each month the shelter services approximately 200 animals.

"We think that the turnout has been very very good.  It's well received by the community," said Kelsey.

Darren Collins agreed, "A lot of people, with this economy, it's unaffordable to give these dogs their shots.  So I think this is a great thing."

With Atlantic County's second confirmed case of rabies already this year, pet owner were eager to get their animals vaccinated early in the season.

"They get bit by a raccoon or something like that, they can get rabies so it's very important for them to have that, because then they can bite another dog or person and give it to them," said Pat Henry of Millmay, NJ.

If your pet becomes exposed to an animal that is suspected to have rabies, a six months quarantine is imposed.

"It's very very difficult to confine an animal for a period of six months.  Certainly more prudent to have your animal vaccinated in advance."

Experts say animals as young as 3 months can get the vaccine, some toy breeds owners should wait until they are four.

The Atlantic County Animal Shelter also recommends keeping update vaccine records for your pet.

The shelter provides a free rabies vaccination clinic each month for dogs and cats and they are also looking for volunteers to help at the shelter, which would allow them to expand their programs.  

In the near future the Atlantic County Animal Shelter will implement a micro chip clinic, so in the event that an animal goes missing, the chip can be helpful in retrieving your pet.

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