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Local municipalities weigh snow removal budget

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    "The budget isn't threatened at all. Again, we're spending quite a bit of money, but we plan to do snow removal. We plan to purchase salt and we plan to have overtime funds," said Bill Reinert with the Atlantic County Department of Public Works.

    Reinert says his crews have been working around the clock to maintain the snowy county roads.

    "And pretty much working through the night. They had to get salt down on all 375 miles of road. We have 20 county facilities that we maintain, including parking lots and side walks," says Reinert.

    This winter, the Atlantic County Department of Public Works has used nearly 11,600 tons of salt for snow removal. Last winter, they only used 2,900 tons.

    "If next year is as bad as this year, we'll probably have to increase the budget," says Reinert.

    Over in Pleasantville, Mayor Jesse Tweedle says the recent snow events haven't hurt the city's wallet too much.

    "The budget has not been impacted by the snow removal process at all. We're very fortunate for that,” says Tweedle. "I know we have used an abnormal amount of salt. Fortunately, we've had enough on hand because the other years we had practically no snow."

    But in Egg Harbor Township, Deputy Mayor Paul Hodson says otherwise.

    "We're over budgeted because of the snow. Somewhere in the vicinity of $40,000. Mainly in materials and some labor costs," says Hodson.

    Hodson also says the township has many cul-de-sacs and developments that need to be salted and plowed, making more work for the Public Works Department.

    "You got to do what you got to do. We'd like to not spend the money, but you have to put money into snow removal because of the large community in which we are,” says Hodson. "Hopefully we don't get this for the next couple of years and we can rebound and not spend a lot of money on snow equipment."

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