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Warm Start To The Work Week

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Good Monday morning to you, South Jersey! I hope you were all able to enjoy this past weekend, whether you were a fan of our warmer Saturday or the cooler Sunday. As the title of this forecast discussion implies, warmer weather will be the main theme for the first half of your work week. Out of the first three days of this work week, two of them also feature decent weather conditions to go with it, and they're back-to-back days as well. It starts today, as high pressure to our southwest moves a bit more to the east. While this is a large core of high pressure, it still isn't quite enough to clear us out in a similar manner to this past weekend. Cloud cover associated with a disjointed low pressure system in New England will remain in place for a better part of the day. While much of the day is partly to mostly cloudy, some sunshine may try to arrive at the last moment towards sunset. So we can label the day as a mix of sun and clouds overall. Temperature wise, the mainland should reach the mid to upper 50s, while the beaches and boardwalks hold steady in the low 50s with a southwest wind at 5 to 15mph. We'll partially clear out tonight as high pressure drifts further to the east, so we'll call it partly cloudy throughout the region with lows in a comfortable range of mid to upper 30s. Winds remain generally light and out of the southwest at 5 to 10mph. The pick day of the week also happens to be our warmest day as well: Tuesday. With a stronger southerly flow in place as well as sunnier skies, temperatures will climb even high tomorrow than they will today. Low 60s aren't out of the question on the mainland, while a west- southwest wind at 10mph will keep the coastal locales in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. Cloud cover, however, will be quick to return once we reach Tuesday night.

The first half of the day on Wednesday, while it will be cloudy and breezy, should also remain dry. We'll keep a close eye on a low pressure system that will come through the Carolinas and move up the coastline. Despite the overall northeasterly track, this won't behave like a "typical" Nor'Easter. Due to its point of origin as well as the track, we'll be situated well within the warm sector of this event. With highs in the mid 50s once again, it will be all rain through the afternoon and evening. Further to the north and east, however, winter storm watches are blanketing much of interior New England. They stand the potential for around a foot of snow from this same system. Our chances of seeing any snow fall from the sky come around on Thursday morning, but it's heavily dependent on the availability of moisture on the back edge of this low as well as the arrival of cold air at the same time. If anything does materialize, I don't think it will amount to much of anything...there's too much working against us for anything significant. Either way, the cold air that I mentioned before will rush into the eastern United States, giving us a reminder that winter still has a little less than two weeks to go. Despite a good amount of sunshine, high temperatures may struggle to reach the mid 30s across the board, and that isn't taking into consideration any wind chill factors that may be in place (Which, by the way, should indeed be in place). A slight improvement comes in on Friday with sunny skies and highs in the mid 40s. While the weekend is dry overall, a weak cold front will pass through the region late on Saturday. So the first half of the weekend, while it will be warmer with highs back in the mid 50s, will also be cloudier. Sunnier skies return on Sunday with highs near 50 degrees.

Have a great day!

- Meteorologist Adam Rutt

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