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Active Weather Pattern Emerging

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Good morning to you, South Jersey, and Thank Goodness It's Friday! Starting today, we mark a long awaited return to average and, dare we say, above average temperatures in the region! High pressure will scoot off to the east, and as it does, we'll watch our wind profile both at the surface and further up in the atmosphere shift to a more south and west direction...bringing up warmer air from the Southeast as a result. Skies today will be partly to mostly sunny at times with highs reaching the 40 degree mark on the mainland and coast as we close out the month of January. Winds will remain light and out of the west at 5 to 10mph. Some cloud cover will creep back into the area later tonight, which will only help us stay a little warmer. Last night's low was 11 degrees in EHT...I think we can at least get closer to 20 degrees for a low on the mainland and low 20s on the coast. West by northwest winds remain light at 5mph. We'll call it a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow as low pressure to our north and west misses us, but temperatures will continue to climb with a more southerly wind taking hold of the Mid-Atlantic. Highs may reach 50 degrees on the mainland and coast with a south wind at 5 to 10mph. Sunday will also be rather warm with highs in the low 50s, but we need to keep an eye on a cold front that will sweep through the region on Sunday evening. A few showers of the rain variety are possible, but that's just about it. 

This brings us to the next work week, and from here, it looks like a rather active stretch of weather. We'll take this one day at a time. First, Monday. While a general consensus is beginning to emerge, there is still a decent bit of uncertainty. What does appear to be more and more accepted is the emergence of an impulse of low pressure traveling along the aforementioned cold front and headed towards the region. The big question is this: Does it come up far enough to the north? If you believe the GFS (American) model, the answer right now is no. The Canadian, NAM, and European models, however, do have this impulse coming up. The Euro is warmer (So a rain/snow mix would be the call), but it still falls in that category. The NAM and Canadian models are the colder and, as a result, snowier solutions. For now, I'm leaving it as a mention of some rain and/or snow showers for the day on Monday with highs in the mid 30s, but this will be something that warrants further monitoring by the NBC40 weather team (Which we certainly will do). A break comes around for the day on Tuesday with cloudy skies and highs in the low 40s, but it is short lived. Another low pressure system then comes into the picture, moving northeast along the Appalachians. While the timing appears to be in good agreement (Beginning Tuesday night and lasting through Wednesday), precipitation type...especially further an issue. Down here, there is the chance that we start with some snow showers before transitioning to a rain/snow mix. With Wednesday's highs near 50 degrees, however, the majority of this event would be of a rainy persuasion. Another break comes afterwards, taking us into the end of the work week with highs in the upper 30s.

Have a great weekend!

- Meteorologist Adam Rutt

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