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Local man fears he's scam target

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Tony Catalfano recently paid his Verizon Wireless balance of $6.09, but when he checked his bank account, he saw the expected charge, plus another – This one for $9.95.

He checked with his bank, who said they weren’t responsible.

"Then I went to Verizon,” explained Catalfano. “I asked them, did you charge me 'cause I pay my balance online? He says no. I said, well can you tell me what this is? He says he has no clue."

The Better Business Bureau announced Friday that scammers are now charging relatively small amounts to strangers’ cards, hoping that they don’t notice and credit card companies aren’t paying attention.

"Right now there's a lot of fraud going on,” said Mark Holder, head of community banking at Cape Bank. “There's a sophistication to fraud that consumers aren't used to."

Holder says the most important thing you can do to protect your identity and your bank account is to check your statement for any unfamiliar transactions.

"Something that's not yours, you need to immediately call up your bank or your credit card company to make sure that's being looked into, because the sooner you get that taken care of, you're going to get a quicker response from that institution or that business."

He also says to be proactive in checking your statement, adding that he checks his daily.

"If you wait to look at your statement, and a statement is critical, but if you wait, sometimes that's 30 days later."

As for Catalfano, he says he’ll be paying closer attention to his bank statements from now on.

"They might have done it to me before. I would have never noticed if they did it before to me or not," said Catalfano.

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