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Ocean City residents face power outages

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OCEAN CITY - Just as those cold temperatures begin to dip down even further, nearly two hundred residents in Ocean City had to deal with their power going out Friday afternoon, leaving many of them without heat.
Atlantic City Electric tells us that early Friday afternoon on the south end of Ocean City, heavy wet snow broke a tree branch which then broke through a wire, causing the lights of 177 customers to go dark.

Their crews were on scene working to repair downed power lines.

The residents we spoke with were concerned that the power wouldn't return until the freezing temperatures returned at night.
"I was very concerned because with it being so cold and like that pipes freezing at night and the lack of heat at night worried about if we would have to go somewhere else to sleep tonight if the power did not come back to on," said Christine Pitman, an Ocean City resident.
We're told all power is restored as of Friday evening.

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