Atlantic City issues Code Blue -

Atlantic City issues Code Blue

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Below freezing temperatures, biting winds and a storm expected to drop inches of snow onto the city weren't the only things working against Atlantic City's homeless Thursday night.

"We also have a new moon with high tides and it's going to happen during the height of the storm: eight o'clock tonight and nine o'clock tomorrow morning," said Atlantic City's Director of Emergency Management, Tom Foley. "We're gonna have flooding all throughout these areas, especially in the bay side."

Atlantic City resident Edwin Castro knows all too well what it's like to be out in the cold with nowhere to go.

"I was homeless before. I used to sleep in abandoned houses," said Castro.

But he says since finding God and turning his life around, he's ready to help others find warmth.

"I got  bag and several sweaters with hoodies like the one I got on. So whenever I see one of the guys, the homeless guys, I will be passing it out," explained Castro.

Police say during cold weather, they check under the boardwalk regularly to see if there might be homeless taking shelter there, and if there are, emergency management officials say they're making sure the homeless have somewhere to go.

"We make sure we have the code blue set up with the rescue mission. We pull people off the streets and make sure that they get to the mission, anyone that needs shelter," said Foley.

In other years, Foley says the Atlantic City Rescue Mission has housed as many as 100 during a code blue, but adds that that number has declined.

"The last time we had one it wasn't even 50," said Foley. "So people have been doing a great job getting homeless into shelters and getting their lives back together."

And helping them to weather the storm.

"I know it's gonna be terrible," said Castro. "But you know, even in the midst of all this there's still hope. There's still hope."

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