Weather is around us -

Weather is around us

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Happy Thursday South Jersey!

We will go through the day staying mostly cloudy. We don't see the "weather" immediately but it is all around us and approaching as we go through tonight.

An arctic cold front will move southward through the day and begin to effect us as we go through the night.  Simultaneously we will see two low pressure systems develop. One will move across the Appalachians and the second off the Carolina coast. Fortunately, for us here in South Jersey, we are what you called "dry slotted by these two eastward moving systems. As they merge further out to sea, and the cold air advances from the north the warm air will be lifted throughout tonight and tomorrow morning giving us a wintry, snowy scene. The word to describe the air advancing is bitter. A general estimate of snow totals is 3-5 inches for all of South Jersey. Further north, 6-10 is possible in northern and north central New Jersey.

As winds pick up tonight and into tomorrow morning, moderate coastal flooding is possible along with high tide up and down the Atlantic Coastline. The highest risk of moderate coastal flooding is in the Raritan Bay, and the Atlantic Coasts of Monmouth & Ocean counties, mostly to our north. The snow we do see accumulate is likely to freeze with below freezing overnight lows and daytime highs on Friday.

Check back here and at 5, 6, and 11 pm for more weather updates.
Until next time,
Meteorologist Sydney Daniel
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