Winners of Seaview Dental Arts Smile Makeover Contest show us th -

Winners of Seaview Dental Arts Smile Makeover Contest show us their smiles

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GALLOWAY TWP. - With the new year comes a new life for five lucky ladies.

In a follow up to a story we first showed you in June, Dr. Bhavin Patel of Seaview Dental Arts provide a smile make-over for not one, but five contest winners.

With all five procedures complete, there is plenty to smile about in 2014.

After the surprise announcement was made in June, smile make-over winners Sherri Mesterhazy, Robyn Rakoff, Sunnie Mattern, Laurie Boughton and Michelle Marshall have had plenty of reasons to smile over the last six months.
"This procedure changed my life, no words could ever cover it really... It's a miracle," said Boughton.
"Now that I have a new smile, I'm able to go out and feel comfortable where I did not before," said Mesterhazy.

And while the five ladies now share similar beautiful smiles, they have experienced different affects on their lives.

Like Michelle Marshall, whose new smile has brought her closer to her daughter...
"My daughter can look at me without feeling embarrassed and have me around her friends and I'm able to smile and laugh with her which I was never able to do," she said. 

Others say their new look, has given them a new outlook on life.
"It's like giving me my life back. I had a whole lot of things that happened in my life that were negative and this is just such a positive that I feel like I have a brand new life and I'm ready to just start over," said Rakoff.
"It has changed everything for me. I'm so much more outgoing. Happiness level is just ratched up a zillion times. Everything is just way better, life is good right now," said Mattern.

As a thank you for Dr. Patel and his staff for the once in a lifetime opportunity, they presented him with a homemade painting of five butterflies.

They say each one represents one of the five transformed women.

"I have the highest recommendation for him. I cant thank him enough."

"I would tell dr. patel he has had a profound affect on my life. I can now go out in public, I can talk to people without feeling embarrassed."

"I haven't been able to smile in the past 8 or 9 years and now I cant wait to get out there in the world, hes an amazing doctor."

"I'm so thrilled everything went so well, and I thank dr. patel for changing my life.

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