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New Year's resolution tips

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    Obana Moren has been a fitness trainer for 12 years. He says, if you're looking to get into shape this New Year, it's important to take this resolution seriously.

    "New Year's is less than a week away. If you're looking to change, if you've been saying to yourself for the last couple of years, this is what I want to do. Make this time that time now. This should be your step towards bettering yourself," says Obana Moren, Director at Northfield Island Gym. 

    Here are some useful workout tips from Obana.

    "For a beginner exercise, start out with calisthenics. Push–ups, jumping jacks, body squats," says Moren.

    But it's not all about exercise.

    "Dieting is very, very important. It's 90 percent of the battle. Anytime you want to change your body you got to change the way you're eating," says Moren.

    He also says it's important diet safely.

    "Don't think starving yourself is the key. That's not the key. You got to eat small meals all day. If you go three to four hours without eating your body stores fat instead of burning it," says Moren.

    But your resolution may not just be about cutting a few pounds. Some may want to cut out some bad habits. Like smoking cigarettes. Patrick Connelly is a local therapist. He says if you're trying get rid of a bad habit, don't be too hard on yourself.

    "Be patient with yourself. If you slip and after a couple of weeks just say you have a bad day and you smoke and your trying not to smoke. To not beat yourself up too much," says Patrick Connelly, a licensed Therapist.

    He also says it's important to have support.

    "You have to be willing to tell someone. Someone who cares about you, someone who's in your corner to kind of help motivate you to kind of keep you on track," says Connelly.

    Whether it's quitting smoking, or getting into shape, these local experts say no matter what your resolution is, it's just important to follow through with your goals.

    "The big point about everything is starting, and right now is the perfect opportunity for everyone to start," says Moren.

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