Candle light vigil held for fourth grader killed in car accident -

Candle light vigil held for fourth grader killed in car accident

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    10-year-old Jaden Ohnemuller-Muskett was killed last Saturday in a car accident in Mullica Township. Friends, family, teachers and community members gathered tonight to honor his legacy.

    A candle light vigil was held Friday night at the Mullica Township Elementary School to remember little Jaden. Teachers say he was a joy, and had a passion for reading. A devastating loss for the community, but Friday night, those who attended the vigil shared their stories about Jaden.

    "I can always remember him under the sink of our classroom just reading. That was his spot," said Kerrie Lund, Jaden's third grade teacher. 

    An evening to remember Jaden.

    "I remember Jaden just being full of energy and such a fun kid," said Rhonda Goodrich, a friend of the Muskett family. 
    The boy was killed last Saturday when the car he was riding in crashed into a tree on Weekstown Road. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

    "He was such a beautiful boy, full of life. Such a sense of humor. Always brought in a smile," said Lund. 

    Earlier this afternoon, friends and classmates of Jaden made paper cranes to place on a tree that was planted in his honor. The cranes have a special meaning.

    "One of the myths, or stories, or legends about death is that cranes take the soul of children up into heaven." said Barbara Rheault, President of the Mullica Township Education Association. "The tree will continually grow and be a beacon of light and hope for our community so that we always remember and preserve Jaden's memory," said Rheault.

    On Friday night at the Mullica Township Elementary School, candles were lit and songs were sung to honor the fourth grade boy and to support his mourning family.

    "I think for the family, they really can see how much this small community loves them and loved their little boy," said Goodrich.

    "They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes the entire village to be able to mourn the child's loss and to be able to celebrate the light and brightness that child meant to our community," said Rheault.

    Those who attended the vigil say their hearts go out to the family that lost their little boy only day's before Christmas.

    "The loss of a child during the holidays is especially heart–wrenching and we need a time together to appropriately mourn and share our grief in order to go through with the healing process," said Rheault.

    A loss that community members say will never be forgotten. Jaden's funeral will be held over the weekend. His father, who was driving the car that evening, was also injured in the accident. 

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