Delayed Christmas packages frustrate online shoppers -

Delayed Christmas packages frustrate online shoppers

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Two of the nation's biggest package shippers hit the road today, scrambling to deliver gifts to angry and frustrated customers.

The day after Christmas is usually the biggest day of the year for returning gifts...but this year, many cyber shoppers say they don't have any gifts to return, because they still haven't arrived.

NBC40 spoke with UPS and FedEx customers who remain gift-less, despite ordering their packages weeks before Christmas. Kathy Coch said, "A lot of people that I know did not receive packages they were waiting for - which is tough if you have children and things don't come in."

UPS and FedEx, under fire for failing to deliver Santa’s packages in time for Christmas, blamed the delays on weeks of bad weather and higher demand from soaring online sales.

For online shoppers like Patty McCauley, who ordered a bike helmet for her son four weeks ago, she says the delays are inexcusable. McCauley said, "It's sad because it was supposed to go with a bike and we didn't get it in time for Christmas day to go with his bike."

Other cyber shoppers like Neal Cullen, say he would have been happy with his delivery, which came on time...if it had been the right product. Cullen explained, "My little cousin, we ordered her leggings and stuff, she's nine, and instead they sent her replacement Batman pajamas...for a little girl."

Many cyber shoppers told NBC40 they had similar issues, but they blame the retailer, not the shipping company.

And while gift-less customers remain frustrated, others empathize with the swamped shipping companies. Ocean City resident, Craig Abrams, said, “You can't get mad about it. You know, it's the mail, what are you going to do? I'm not too frustrated about it. It will come, I know it will."

FedEx say they handled 275 million shipments between Thanksgiving and Christmas and that 99% of their ground deliveries arrived on time.

FedEx released a statement saying, "Our 300,000 team members were focused on safely delivering our customers packages this holiday season and we are proud of their efforts."

But for cyber shoppers who couldn't give their family members the gifts they envisioned giving on Christmas morning, they say the shipping companies let them down.

McCauley said, "It's sad. It's frustrating. They took your money out of the bank - eBay has the money, but I don't have the product."

UPS also released a statement apologizing to their customers whose packages were delayed, and say they do have additional sorting operations working at their international hub in Kentucky.

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