Residents speak out for, and against natural gas pipeline instal -

Residents speak out for, and against natural gas pipeline installation

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A public hearing was held Monday night in Galloway Township regarding an agreement that if accepted, would allow the installation of a 22 mile natural gas pipeline through New Jersey's Pinelands.

"Just say no, just say no to this." was one opinion of attendants at the hearing.

The debate over a proposed plan to build a 22 mile pipeline through New Jersey's Pinelands brought out over a hundred people to the Galloway Township Municipal Building Monday. But not everyone is against the pipeline - some residents support the idea.

a supportive opinion from an attendant stated, "It gives the Southern New Jersey residents a secondary and a backed up source of natural gas. Which representatives from South Jersey Gas say will benefit thousands of customers."

Dan Lockwood Manager of Public Relations at South Jersey Gas stated, "The reliability benefit for specifically the customers in Cape May County would be tremendous.We really think it's a win win."

The proposed pipeline would be 22 miles long, with 15 miles running beneath existing paved roads, which activists say could pose a threat to drivers.

Michael Sharidan who opposes the pipeline stated, "In the summertime, people use back routes to the shore. If you're on route fifty on a Saturday in the summer, those roads could potentially have hundreds if not thousands of cars. If there's an explosion, 396 feet, in any direction, is going to kill a lot of people."

A threat that was downplayed by south Jersey Gas. "We have an extensive monitoring system in place. We will monitor the pipeline twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week."

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