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Police officer pulls man from burning truck

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The amazing actions of a local police officer were caught on tape when he bravely pulled a man from a burning truck.  The patrolman shrugs off being called a hero- saying any officer in his position would've done the same.

    “I had a million things going through my head.”  But when Patrolman Scott Krissinger pulled up to a burning truck on Sunset Boulevard in West Cape May Monday night, he didn't think - just acted, and sprinted towards the vehicle.  “I just remember the smoke coming out,” he said, “I couldn't see anything.”

Without hesitation, the Cape May City Police Officer pulls the unconscious driver out of the truck and to safety, before running back to check if there are any passengers trapped inside.  “When I went to the passenger seat, again, I couldn't - you see me feel across the passenger seat cause I couldn't see anything,” said Krissinger.

“He didn't hesitate, he went to the car several times.”  The incident, caught on Krissinger's dashboard cam, has caught the attention of many.  “He's a hero in every sense of the word,” said Captain Rob Sheehan with the Cape May Police Department, “we're very happy to have him as a member of our department.”

But the seven-year veteran of the force is modest.  “I think any of us officers at the Cape May Police Department, they would've done the same thing, I truly do,” said Krissinger, “it just happened to be me.”

Authorities say the investigation into what happened continues.  Meanwhile, the victim remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition.  “I would have to think the driver didn't have much longer to stay in that situation without facing serious bodily injury,” said Sheehan, “we're very proud of him, obviously, he's a credit to law enforcement as a whole.”

But the officer, who took an oath to protect and serve, doesn't see his actions as being extraordinary - just captured for all to see.  “I think there's heroes everyday,” said Krissinger, “I just happened to be caught on camera doing it.”

The driver of the truck has been identified as 61 year-old Gerald Ferrill of Mays Landing.

Police say that prior to the fire, witnesses reported that the truck was being driven on a flat tire, and odd sounds were coming from the engine area.

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