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Police crackdown on "Bloods" gang members in Cape May County

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Cape May County officials say high-level drug dealers from the “Bloods” criminal street gang have been arrested and taken off the streets.

Nakia Smith is a Wildwood resident who says he has lived all over the country and has never felt a police presence as strong as he does in Wildwood. Smith explained, "One thing that's for sure is in Cape May County, if something does happen, they'll never get away with it, because Cape May County police are on the scene."

This crackdown on crime is exactly what police and other officials from Cape May County have been working on for the past 5 months.

Cape May County Prosecutor, Robert Taylor, said, "We did a drug sweep last week with the Cape May County regional SWAT team and we arrested 15 people. Two of the people we arrested were leaders of narcotics networks from the Bloods gang."

The Cape May County Prosecutor's Office says last July, gang-related shootings in the Burleigh section of Middle Township sparked the investigation; which involved heroin distribution, attempted murder, and illegal gun possession.

On Friday, we spoke to one of the women who was arrested in the bust.

42-year-old Margaret Andrews was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, a disorderly persons offence, and told NBC40, "They kicked in my house because I had a ‘blood member’ in my house, they said. He was not living in my home so they got a warrant for my house and kicked my door in."

Andrews says the Bloods network is too strong to go away. Andrews explained, "Gangs go from state to state, city to city. I've been all over this place. I've been here, San Diego, I've been in Maine, in South Carolina...there's Bloods all over!"

With some of these Blood members off the streets in Wildwood, some residents hope that more criminals will be locked-up soon.

The Cape May County Prosecutor says the crackdown is not done yet, and they plan to keep the investigation moving forward. Taylor told NBC40, "This is not the end of it. We are going to continue to target mid-level and high-level drug distributors - especially that are connected with street gangs."

Prosecutor Taylor continues to urge the citizens of Cape May County to report any information regarding illegal drug distribution activity and or any criminal activity within the community and that this information can be reported anonymously through the Cape May County Sheriffs Tip Line at cmcsheriff.net and click on anonymous tip, or through the Cape May County Crime Stoppers at 609-465-2800 or 877-465-2801, as well as the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office at 609-465-1168.

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