Brigantine residents call mailer "voter intimidation" -

Brigantine residents call mailer "voter intimidation"

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In Brigantine, residents say they are angry and confused over a piece of mail they received last week, which tells their neighbors whether or not they voted.

Jacqueline Fabel has lived in Brigantine for 39 years with her husband Fred, and says last week she received a mailer from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, listing her, and her neighbors' home addresses, and records of their voting history.

Fabel said, "My neighbors don't care! It is an invasion of privacy that they want to let my neighbors know of whether I vote. I think the one reason that it really bothers me so much is to think that there is somebody out there, pretty much looking at what I am voting - not so much who, what, when, where - but that I am voting and thinks it's necessary to notify my neighbors."

And Fabel isn't the only one. Joseph DeAngelis also lives in Brigantine and got the same unnerving piece of mail. He said, "I hate to use the word intimidation but I feel that way. I mean you are going to re-evaluate me? Like I am a public official? You're going to make my voting record public? Are you kidding me?”

The letter reads, “According to public records, you are one of the few individuals in your neighborhood that is not a regular voter. We're contacting you and your neighbors today to let folks know who does and doesn't vote.”

The letter then lists the names and addresses of neighbors and checks off whether or not they voted in every election.

Fabel told NBC40, "I feel that voter intimidation is, you have to get out and vote, or else we will notify your neighbors. There doesn't have to be an 'or else' and you don't have to tell me what I have to do. I know what I have to do." DeAngelis added, "It seems like they are intimidating me. Re-evaluate me? Are you re-evaluating the way I vote? How I vote? How did you get this information?”

Americans for Prosperity Foundation says they spoke to the Atlantic County Supervisor of Elections to get approval for the mailing.

Daryn Iwicki, State Director for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, released a statement that reads, "We understand that the tactic is outside of the box. It’s a little bit different. As far as I’m aware, we spoke to the Atlantic County Supervisor of Elections and there is nothing illegal to what we're doing. We’re just encouraging people to go out and vote. It's all public record. Anyone can go to the Board of Elections and get this information we're using. We apologize if they find any of this offensive, but at the end of the day...we're encouraging them to get out and vote."

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