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Volunteers help rebuild Hurricane Sandy ravaged home

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One year after Hurricane Sandy residents are still picking up the pieces of their storm ravaged homes. One of these victims’ hopes with the help of others she can return back home.

Family heirlooms, pictures and furniture, everything Dolores Wright loved about her home is gone forever. "Everything was just ruined.” Dolores thought her house, which has been in her family for more than half a century, may have been lost forever due to Hurricane Sandy.

But thanks to some helping hands it won't be long till she can return back home. Since March "Atlantic County Revive" and the "Fuller Center" have helped restore 44 different homes.

When the project at Dolores’s home first began about one month ago the workers anticipated only having to replace the bottom half of the walls. But because the house sat vacant for a year, when the workers began the rebuild they discovered some hidden issues.

"We opened the walls up and found out that it had damaged wiring. So to make the house safe we are pulling it all apart and re-doing the wiring,” said Exec. Dir., at the Fuller Center, Neil Brown.

That was just the beginning. Brown says even more damage was discovered as time went on. "The heating system froze. It was a hot water heating system. All the pipes froze. The radiator split, plumbing froze over the winter."

But by January the volunteers hope to have all of it replaced so that Dolores can ring in the New Year with a fresh start and a new outlook on life. "I’m going to volunteer for the rest of my life to help other people like they helped me."

Volunteers are needed to help rebuild even more Sandy ravaged homes. If you are interested contact info@atlanticcountyrevive.org.

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