Sandy victims living in gutted house looking for relief -

Sandy victims living in gutted house looking for relief

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We are just days away from the one-year mark of when Hurricane Sandy hit, and in that time, the rebuilding and recovery process has been a task many have persevered through.  A Brigantine family is continuing through the process a year later, and is no closer to having their lives back to normal.

“I can't do this anymore- it's not fair to my family, it's not fair to myself.”  For months, the Huff family has been living in a shell of what is their Brigantine home.  They did have the mold removed, along with the walls, floors, and the comforts of home.  “The simplest tasks are hard to accomplish, mainly because of our mindset,” said Sarah Huff, “it’s like scrambled eggs.  We've been pretty much in state of shock for an entire year now.”

“It's actually maddening,” said Bob Huff, “everyday, all day, you wake-up at 3 in the morning, it's all you think about.  It's strange…it's wearing us out.”

So the Huff's are moving out - temporarily, and into a rental unit.  They rented a house right after Sandy, but had to leave and move back in their house when the summer season rolled around and the prices went up.  “It wasn't cost effective,” Sarah explained, “it would've been a fortune for us to rent a place week-to-week.”

“Where are we gonna go,” Bob asked of his options, “I’m trying to hold on to this insurance money for dear life so that we can… it's expensive to raise the house and do the block work.”

While they agree there are a lot of programs offering help, the Huffs say the process of actually getting that help has been long, complicated, and frustrating.  “I don't know how much more we, people, can take,” said Bob, “to have nobody meet with a contractor at this time, (we) can do better than that.”

“People forgot about us,” said Sarah of the hurricane victims who still haven’t recovered, “once the piles of debris were taken away, people forgot about us.”  Except for those in their community, many of whom faced and are still facing the same type of struggles...the Huff's say it's one of the reasons why they want to stay here, no matter what it takes.  “I’m looking forward to getting home again, and getting back to normal and forgetting that this ever, ever occurred.”

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