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End in sight for Tilton Road construction

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Atlantic County residents and business owners say construction along Tilton Road is a bumpy, frustrating mess - and using the road over the past year and a half has been a nightmare.

NBC40 spoke with frustrated Tilton Road travelers, who say the dug up road, is now digging into their pockets.

Scott Reilly is an Egg Harbor Township resident who says he avoids Tilton Road in Northfield at all costs, and the one time he has used the road in the past few weeks, the patchy pavement blew his tire. Reilly told NBC40, "All of a sudden my front driver seat tire blows out and I pull over and look at the road and literally it looks like I'm driving on razor blades. Boom! The tire goes out because you're hitting every bump, every bump - it's a rough ride. The sewer holes, the manhole covers, they're four to five actual inches off the asphalt itself."

Reilly isn't the only one who is frustrated with the lack of progress on the Tilton Road construction project.

Karen Martinez owns Karen's Kreations and Uniform Supplies and she says the construction over the past year and a half has kept countless customers out of her store. Martinez explained, "I would like to get it done so that we can start making some money...besides just the construction workers making money." Martinez says this time of the year is particularly slow for her business and said, "They come in from the Margate Bridge...well they don't come that way now because of the road."

But luckily for Tilton road travelers, there is an end in sight.

Atlantic County officials say that the final stages of curb-work construction are being completed right now, and that they should be finished by next week.

County officials also tell NBC40 that the actual paving of Tilton Road is set to begin during the first week of November.

Atlantic County Administrator, Jerry DelRosa, said, "This work will be done at nighttime - not interfering with any businesses during the day. There won't be any kind of detours or lane shifts. Everything will be done at nighttime."

Officials expect the paving to take three to four weeks with an imminent end to the project on December 15th - as the county construction contract, encompassing the concrete curbs and paving, is set to expire.

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