South Jersey same-sex couples begin applying for marriage licens -

South Jersey same-sex couples begin applying for marriage licenses

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Gay and lesbian couples say they are celebrating throughout the state today, after Governor Chris Christie's administration withdrew its appeal of a court ruling allowing same-sex marriages.

NBC40 spoke with some of the first gay and lesbian couples in the area to apply for their marriage licenses.

Ann McCabe and Joan Curran shouted, "We are getting married! We are getting married! We are getting our marriage license! We have waited 25 years to do this!"

The two women have been together for almost a quarter of a century, and as a lesbian couple, as of Monday, they can legally get married in the state of New Jersey.

McCabe said, “It’s a historic day. I thought when DOMA went down, that was amazing. You know, now that both our home state and country is behind us, and that we are protected legally and financially, always, we couldn't be happier! We are ready!"

This morning Governor Chris Christie's administration withdrew its appeal of a court ruling allowing same-sex marriages.

That decision follows the one made by the New Jersey Supreme Court last Friday, that says same-sex marriages can be performed starting Monday - even though an appeal had been filed.

Gay and lesbian activists called the day historic.

Craig Vanbaal, Vice President of Gables, explained, "It's the day where equality becomes law. It doesn't change the stock market; it doesn't change the direction of the parkway; it just changes the lives of two people."

Two of those people are David Collins and David Calvert of North Cape May. The two gay men were married in Provincetown Massachusetts this past summer, but now say they are going to be remarried in their home state so that friends and family can attend the ceremony.

David Collins explained, "I hope it opens the door in other states that have not done so, so that they can see that it is no big deal. It is two people who are in love and want to get married. It doesn't matter if it's two guys, two girls, or one of each. Love is love."

Whether or not South Jersey same-sex couples are getting married or remarried, Dave Calvert and Dave Collins say that they're just finally glad to have their remarriage papers in their hands. Collins said, “Finally! It's about time! It's about time!"

Other couples agree.

Joan Curran said, "We have been watching this, we have been working with the New Jersey organization, United for Marriage, and as soon as we heard it on Friday, we were like, ‘Woo hoo!’"

In Lower Township, officials say three same-sex couples have already applied for marriage licenses, one couple for the remarriage license, and more are expected to apply by the end of the day.

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