State Police investigating alleged child luring in Upper Twp. -

State Police investigating alleged child luring in Upper Twp.

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Police say a man allegedly attempted to abduct a young girl in Upper Township on Wednesday. Concerned parents say they are taking extra precautions to protect their children.

Child abductions are something that Greta Schwartz thought only happened in the movies, or at least not this close to home. "When you hear about it locally it's very scary."

But now some concerned parents say they are taking every step to protect their children, after hearing that a man allegedly attempted to lure a young girl into his vehicle on Wednesday night.

"Parents need to be alert and need to pay attention. They need to know where their kids are, and are supposed to be." said concerned parent Ann Marie Benson.

"It's horrifying," said Schwartz. "You hear about it all the time and you always think about your own children every time you hear about that. You just pray it never happens."

According to police a seven year old girl was walking home from the bus stop on Perry road in Petersburg on Wednesday night. This is when officials say she was approached by a thin, dark skinned man driving a white SUV with a license plate containing the letters LUZ.

"Both myself and the state police were at all the bus stops early this morning and we did not see any vehicles matching that description," said Superintendent of Schools in Upper Township, Vincent Palmieri.

Police say that the young girl claims that the same vehicle attempted to lure her for the first time on Tuesday, using vulgar language. That incident was not initially reported to police.

School officials immediately informed parents of the alleged attempted luring, and have since increased security measures. Officials say once off school grounds, it's up to the child to protect themselves. That's why they are encouraging parents to have age appropriate conversations with their children on what to do if a stranger approaches them.

"Just to be on the look out. What to do if you see something or hear something out of the sorts, and just have a heightened sense of awareness," said Palmieri.

Anyone with information on the alleged attempted abduction is asked to contact the New Jersey State Police Woodbine Station by calling (609) 861-5698.

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