College students take a closer look at the government shutdown i -

College students take a closer look at the government shutdown in Washington

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As lawmakers on capital hill vote on a proposed deal that impacts the future of our country, college students are taking a closer look at the situation in Washington, and what it could mean for their own futures.

College students are expressing their frustrations and concerns after taking a closer look at the government shutdown in Washington.

Charlie Nusbaum a Stockton senior stated, "I find it hard to believe that the people supposed to be taking care of me and looking out for my future and the future of this country can't come to some sort of agreement."

Senior Charlie Nusbaum was in Associate Finance Professor Michael Busler's class at Stockton College, where the facts and ethics of situation are discussed.

Michael Busler Ph.D. Associate Finance Professor stated, "The house of representatives insist on not raising taxes, the president and the senate insist on not reducing government spending."

Nusbaum believes politicians should take a tip from college students and pull an all–nighter to get the job done.

"I think it's their job to make these decisions and they have to do what they have to to get it done," stated Nusbaum

As for Dr. Busler, he hopes laying out the math of the situation on the white board will help his students realize the importance of the situation. "I'm trying to emphasize to them they should really get interested because its their generation that's going to be carrying the burden well into the future."

Dr. Busler says the new deal will push back the same issues by roughly 90 days, unless a major break through solves the dilemma. A dilemma students like Junior Kiyle Osgood believes should have been dealt with long ago to prevent possibly jeopardizing his future after graduation.

Kiyle Osgood a Stockton Junior stated, "To me that's the most troubling part of the issue this great has not been dealt with prior to the deadline."

Government plans to extend their deadline to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling... Pushing the issue further down the road.

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