US Senate candidate and Newark Mayor Corey Booker comes to AC -

US Senate candidate and Newark Mayor Corey Booker comes to AC

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ATLANTIC CITY - The government shutdown is showing its "ugly head" in Atlantic City.
"When you start reducing force in fire departments, you start to create the recipe for a crisis," says Mayor of Newark Corey Booker.

US Senate Democrat candidate and Newark Mayor Corey Booker, made a campaign stop in Atlantic City Monday, to along with State Senator Jim Whelan, and other South Jersey officials to voice their concern about the possibility of 51 AC firefighters possibly losing their jobs.

"The purpose of today's event, is that Mayor Booker wanted to show support for a group of firefighters in Atlantic City who are being impacted by the federal government shutdown," explains Sen. Jim Whelan.

"Atlantic City's safer grant is being under consideration right now, but the grant isn't being processed or considered and as a result of that they're in jeopardy," echoes Mayor Booker.

"The processing for the grant to renew the firefighters position has stopped. The city expected to hear late October, early November," claims Sen. Whelan.

Though the government shutdown did not directly bring on these possible lay–offs, it is delaying the approval of the renewal of a grant the fire department needs to ensure the 51 firefighters maintain employment. Which has the firefighter's union concerned.

"In a 24 hour period your talking about losing 6 trucks that cannot respond to 911 calls," claims union President Chris Emmell. "You call for a fire truck, for ems, for a heart attack or respiratory, nobody will show up, busy on other calls, that's the worst case scenario," Emmell continues.

As long as the federal government remains shut down, the 51 firefighters futures remain in limbo. With November 21st (the day the firefighters could possibly be laid off) just a little over a month away, time is of the essence. 

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