Stalled nor'easter damages Ocean City coast -

Stalled nor'easter damages Ocean City coast

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With the five day nor'easter behind us,  communities in South Jersey are gauging the damage caused by last week's storm.

Pat Levis lives on the south end of Ocean City and she says the dunes protecting her home need to be rebuilt. Levis said, "They were hitting the berm constantly. High tide was absolutely horrible, but the whole time it was really bad. Even with low tide because there is no beach to back it all up. They need to be rebuilt stronger, higher, longer, wider...whatever has to be done."

Dunes on both the north and the south end of Ocean City were damaged during last week's storm, but officials say the north end sustained minimal damage thanks to the Army Corps' beach replenishment project, which concluded this past spring.

Frank Donato, Coordinator of Ocean City Emergency Management, told NBC40, "Yeah, you'll get some 'cliffing.' What they call 'cliffing' in an event like this will be waves lapping up on the tow of the dune. We will go out there, or Public works will go out there, and they will knock that down and smooth it back out."

On the south end of the island, Ocean City officials say sand was brought in from offshore quarries to make emergency protective berms after Hurricane Sandy - but that the nor'easter's waves chipped away at the new sand.

The cliff on the 56th street beach is about four to six feet high and homeowners who live right off the beach say the drop was steep before, but after last week's nor'easter, it's worse than ever.

Bonnie Rowe, a beachfront property owner, said, "This would be really dangerous for older people - let's put it that way."

Ocean City Emergency Management officials tell NBC40 that the south end of the island is scheduled to be part of a tri-city, 60 million dollar beach replenishment project this spring…but residents say they're skeptical.

Levis said, "We've heard spring before, but we haven't heard that that is a definite. We heard that it could start by spring...and I hope that it is a will start by spring."

Ocean City Emergency Management officials say Public Works and city engineers will be assessing the dunes' damage over the next few days and will make temporary repairs within the coming weeks.

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