Bay communities avoiding major damage from latest storm -

Bay communities avoiding major damage from latest storm

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With the reminders of the damage left behind by Sandy and the following nor'easters still visible, Fortescue residents are counting their blessings after avoiding major damage from this latest storm.

"It ain't bad at all," said resident, Jim Adams.

"Just another rainy day, that's all. We're doing good. We're doing real good in this one."

"We got hit really hard three times last year,” said Jim Rhubart of Fortescue.

“This is nothing compared to that."

As residents gazed out onto a peaceful bay, township officials say they have the wind to thank for only a handful of puddles and some sand in the street.

"The wind comes across from the east, across the peninsula from the ocean side and blew the bay flat as you can see here, the bay is dead flat and its pretty much been like this all week," said Downe Township Mayor Robert Campbell.

And while bayshore communities were fortunate this time, Mayor Campbell would like to see the state get more involved and help repair vulnerable holes along the coastline left behind by sandy.

"Our bay-front is still naked. If we get a storm in the opposite direction, we are in really, really, serious trouble," said Campbell.

Residents here along the bay say this storm never really packed much of a punch. Despite this, township officials say they were ready and prepared for the worst when they saw the forecast earlier this week.

"We put all the equipment and supplies in place to prepare for the worst. Fortunately this thing was turned down because of the direction of the wind and surges on the other side," said the Mayor.

And in an area that has experienced its fair share of storm damage, residents say their feelings of dread as the storm approached turned to relief once it came to their shores.

"I'm thrilled. We don't need any more damage down here" said Rhubart.

"It blows harder than this on average day so its not bad at all."

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