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Dreary And Windy Trend Takes Hold

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Good Thursday morning to you, South Jersey! A coastal flood advisory is in place from 11am to 4pm today for minor tidal flooding. High tide will be at noon along the ocean and 1 to 1:30 along the bays. This advisory will also be extended into tomorrow. This coastal flood advisory has been upgraded to a coastal flood warning for Cape May County and Cumberland County from 11am until 5pm. Moderate tidal flooding is expected in the warning area along with minor beach erosion. Please take any necessary precautions and do not try to cross any flooded roads.

This coastal low that we're keeping an eye on may not be very strong, but since it's a slow mover, we'll feel its effects for a few more days. Regardless of strength, that kind of situation can eventually wear a region down over time, and this is no exception. Today won't be a complete wash-out (There will likely be some breaks in the rainfall in the form of lighter drizzles or no rain at all), but when it does rain, it will likely be heavy at times. Whether it rains or not, winds will remain gusty all day and night. The pressure gradient overhead remains somewhat tight, which will allow for wind gusts over the 35mph mark today and sustained winds of 20 to 25mph out of the northeast once again. The onshore flow machine will remain in motion as long as high pressure stays just to our north, low pressure remains just to the south, and we stay in-between them both. With clockwise flow around high pressure and counter-clockwise flow around low pressure, we feel the onshore flow from both of these pieces combined. Think of it like two cogs in motion...that's the best mental image I can come up with. I digress. Highs today, due to the wind, rain, and cloud cover, will once again struggle to reach the mid 60s on the mainland and coast. These same factors will keep us from cooling down significantly as well (Cloud cover acts as a meteorological blanket of sorts). Lows will only drop into the upper 50s with cloud cover, on and off rain, and a northeast wind at 15 to 25mph.

The trend continues into Friday and even into Saturday. More specifically, allow me to focus on Friday for a moment. The coastal flood advisory, which is already in place from 11am to 4pm today, has now been extended to run until 5pm tomorrow. As was the case yesterday and what will be the case today, the afternoon high tide (1pm to about 2:15pm for the ocean and bays respectively) will be the one to watch. Additional rounds of rainfall will pinwheel through the region on both days with highs in the upper 60s with a persistent northeast wind at 15 to 20mph. Over the course of the weekend, high pressure to the north will strengthen and slowly push this stubborn coastal low to the southeast and away from the coastline. The process will, as I hinted at, will be slow, so showers are still possible on Saturday and Sunday...of the two days, Saturday appears to hold the better chance of being soggier. Sunday evening may also be drier, but this is heavily dependent on the arrival of high pressure. For now, we'll keep the mention of some showers with highs near 70 on the mainland and upper 60s on the beaches. If this transition is a faster process, then we should be able to salvage a dry (Not necessarily sunny) Columbus Day. Either way, highs will slowly climb as we get rid of this low, with low 70s expected into the middle of next week and gradually improving conditions as well. High pressure stays with us through the middle of next week before we keep an eye on a cold front that is expected to arrive later next week.

Stay safe, and have a great day!

- Meteorologist Adam Rutt

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