Submarine veteran honored for 50 years in service -

Submarine veteran honored for 50 years in service

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The Egg Harbor Chapter of the United States Submarine Veterans inducted their fifth member into the Holland Club.The honor, designated to a member qualified in submarines for 50 years or more, is a true milestone for marine veterans.

The sound of the klaxon horn evokes many memories for members of the Egg Harbor Base Submarine Veterans, especially for Saturday’s honoree, Donald Brown.

"He earned the submarine qualification pin 1963 therefore he has been qualified in submarines for 50 years or more. This is an honor that is bestowed on the members of the submarine force past and present,” explains Tom Innocente, Commander of Egg Harbor Base of the United States Submarine Veterans (USSVI).

An award that Brown dedicates to his predecessors.

"We have a couple members who were in WWII, who were in Australia, who made patrols and they're just fantastic individuals-to get to talk to them and know the, that's a real honor-they're my real heroes,” says Holland Club Honoree, Don Brown.

And while submariners may be known as the silent service, the Egg Harbor Base, is eager to voice their support for their veterans.

"Submariners simply do their job to preserve freedom and to do what is required with very little notoriety,” states Innocente.

Members of the submarines veterans dating all the way back to 1943 to present, came together to recognize one of their own for 50 years of service, truly representing the longevity and dedication of this organization.

"What they did prepared the submarines that I served on, and the submarines that I served on prepare the future for future submariners,” says Lee Gilbert, Vice President Commander of the Egg Harbor Base.

“When you get into a submarine and you submerge your life depends on what everyone else does, their life depends on what you do-you form a camaraderie that's not really present anywhere else,” says Brown.

A ‘camaraderie’ and legacy that will continue to float on

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