Neighbors react after gun recovered from police chase -

Neighbors react after gun recovered from police chase

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Sabrina Alfano had a front row seat to the action Thursday afternoon.

"I was just in my room and I hear a big crash, a big boom, and I just happened to look outside my bedroom window. I see cars flying over my lawn, hitting my little fence and rosebush over there and the next thing you know I go to open up the door and the guns are drawn and they have a guy on the floor, on the ground," said Alfano.

She's describing the dramatic ending to a police chase that began Thursday afternoon in Midtown Atlantic City with a routine traffic stop.

"As the officers attempted to pull the car over, two females quickly exited and then the car sped off from our officers,' said A.C.P.D. Sgt.. Monica McMenamin.

The driver of the green Bonneville then led police across Route 30 to the mainland and into a residential neighborhood, crashing over lawns and damaging fences.

The driver eventually stopped the car on Shady Lane, then he and his passenger fled the vehicle on foot.

Police quickly apprehended the driver then pursued the armed passenger.

"He fled up towards Pitney Rd. with the officers in pursuit he made into some yards, into back yards, over fences and into someone's home. The officers were able to apprehend him at this point but he didn't have a handgun," said Sgt. McMenamin.

Police summoned a K9 officer and his partner to help.

"K9 Max picked up the scent from the suspect's vehicle and quickly did his track, an article search is what its called, for the handgun. And sure enough he was able to - Max located the handgun," said Sgt. McMenamin.

The gun was found in an overgrown area between two neighborhood houses.

"Had it not been for Max, I don't think we would've found the handgun because the brush was so heavy," said Sgt. McMenamin.

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