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Local businesses say things are slow thanks to government shutdown furloughs

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As the government shutdown continues across the country, local business owners say they are starting to feel the effects.

In Egg Harbor Township, several restaurant and bar owners say with less people working in the area, less money is being spent in the community.

Sharon Bollinger works at Mickie and Minnie’s Inn, right down the street from the F.A.A. Tech Center and the 177th Fighter Wing base, where hundreds of workers are furloughed. She says with the shutdown, many of her regular customers haven't been showing up.

Bollinger said, "Some of my customers that are usually here...are not. Yesterday there were a few people in, but not like a normal Wednesday." Dan Cohen, co-owner of Christi’s Bar and Restaurant, told NBC40, "It's lunchtime...and it's empty."

Bollinger added, "We work on tips of course, and if they're not in here paying tips and helping us out, how do we pay our bills? So, like I said, it trickles down and affects everybody."

Christi’s Bar and Restaurant is another local business that says they are feeling the effects of the shutdown. Owners say that with less people working in the area, less people are coming into their bar and spending money.

Cohen explained, "Well obviously these types of service industries, we need people. The more people in the area, the better it is for us. Anytime something happens that cuts down on the number of bodies in the area, it certainly can't help this type of business."

In addition to the restaurants being affected, local residents who sell newspapers on the street say that without people driving to and from work, they are only selling a fraction of the papers that they normally do.

Marty Gendek, a Hawker who sells newspapers in South Jersey, said, "There's nobody to buy a newspaper! I know about five or six people who work over at the Tech Center that are regulars - I haven't seen 'em. So, it is hurting everybody."

All business owners and employees say they hope the shutdown ends soon and business can get back to normal.

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