Protesters demand resignation of Lower Twp. MUA Director -

Protesters demand resignation of Lower Twp. MUA Director

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Harassment. Assault. These are just some of the allegations leveled at Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority Executive Director Matt Ecker. 

"He's called me fat, overweight, 25 pounds overweight," said M.U.A. electrician Jesse Matsinger.

Since last Spring, member of the M.U.A. board have been under investigation by the Cape May County Prosecutor's Office.

Since participating in the investigation, Matsinger and other employees say they've been targeted by Ecker as whistle blowers.

"They were asked to participate, they did, they provided their information as best they know, and now they're being viewed as the bad guys," said Michelle Douglas, who is representing five M.U.A. employees participating in the prosecutor's office investigation.

"Protesters rolled out signs of all sizes demanding Ecker's resignation Wednesday night.

Part of the case against Ecker comes from an audio recording in which Ecker allegedly assaults employee Jesse Matsinger.

The following is a partial transcript:

MATT ECKER: Well, do you want to know why I pushed you? Because I'm looking for that motherf**ker, and I'm going to find him, and when I find him, he better hope I'm in a good mood.

JESSE MATSINGER: So I get pushed. So you're picking a fight with me? You're physically picking a fight with me?

MATT ECKER: You're collateral damage."

For hhis part Ecker says he understands the tension that can develop between co-workers.

"Sometimes you can have a strained relationship with management and employees. Obviously it's my job to try and do the very best for the rate payers and I think some of that is inevitable," said Ecker.

But the executive director had nothing to say to the allegations of assault aimed at him.

"I really... I don't want to comment on that," he said.

"I'm proud of the work I've done, and I'm proud of the work that hopefully I will continue to do here.

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