Atlantic City hosts second district debate -

Atlantic City hosts second district debate

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With the mid–term elections just a little over a month away, campaign efforts from politicians have begun to rev up. Wednesday at Dante Hall in Atlantic city, incumbent State Senator Jim Whelan, went head to head in a debate with Atlantic County Sheriff Frank Balles, for the second district State Senate seat.

"We're very excited, we're very excited to keep this a positive informative campaign about the issues," says Republican candidate Frank Balles. "I enjoyed the debate tremendously, because I think it showed some real differences between myself and my opponent really in terms of specifics," explains Sen.Whelan.

Both candidates duked it out with their words and intellect to express to the room of elected officials and voters why they are fit for the senate seat.

"The voters who were here and the voters who maybe watched it streaming, or hear about it will start to realize that there really is a difference in terms of who has real solutions," explains Sen.Whelan. "We need to make sure that we make New Jersey livable again, and affordable and we just need to bring that common sense approach," says Sheriff Frank Balles.

One common theme that both candidates expressed during their first debate, was how to relieve rising costs in property taxes for the middle class.

"We can't afford to live in this state anymore. We need to begin to start thinking about the residents of the state of New Jersey and the tax burden that is placed on them,"claims Sheriff Balles. "The fact is, we have to have some solutions fixing our roads and bridges, and to providing the middle class with property tax relief," says Sen.Whelan.

In addition to, how they can help improve Atlantic County.

"I know what it takes to run a business, I know what it takes to be able to lower taxes, and reduce spending here," says Sheriff Balles. "Invigorate our manufacturing sector, those are high tech jobs now, the smoke stack days are over, because we are over–relying on the casino industry," claims Sen.Whelan.

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