Atlantic City mayoral candidates clash in debate -

Atlantic City mayoral candidates clash in debate

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The Uptown Complex in Atlantic City was packed Tuesday night with voters eager to hear each candidate state their case on a number of issues.

"I've always stood up for what’s right for Atlantic City residents, you don't have to look for me when tough times come. I’m always going to do as I have, which is stand up for you," said Mayor Lorenzo Langford.

"I love working together with people, finding a problem, raising money, recruiting the people and solving the problem," said Mayoral Candidate Don Guardian.

The candidates took questions from the audience and butted heads on a number of issues, including diversity.

"Mr. Guardian wants to celebrate the diversity of Atlantic City, I say take a look at his ticket. From Governor Christie to himself, to his slate of council at large candidates, I see no diversity what so ever," said Langford.

Guardian responded to this claim by questioning the number of women employed by Langford.

"52% of this city is women, I don't see 52% being represented as directors in our city," said Guardian.

Jobs were also a key topic with Guardian hoping to see more Atlantic City businesses hiring Atlantic City residents. He also blamed Langford for a decrease in jobs in the city.

"We have to create more jobs for Atlantic City residents, if we’re providing opportunity for new business to come to Atlantic City, we have to hold jobs available for Atlantic City residents."

Mayor Langford responded by saying his administration prevented the loss of jobs in the city from being much worse.

"If it were not for the program of full employment summits we have put together, which hired 800 people, we would have been much worse."

And after each candidate traded parting shots.

"I have no doubt in my mind we will be victorious," said Langford.

"He has had twelve years to fix this," said Guardian.

Voters left with a tough decision ahead of them.

"I'm hoping who gets in does a good job but I'm still a little confused with who," said undecided voter Jacqueline Lagamba.

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