Senator Menendez speaks about government shutdown -

Senator Menendez speaks about government shutdown

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NEW JERSEY - New Jersey's Democratic Senator, Robert Menendez spoke with us from the capitol building on Tuesday in Washington D.C.. Menendez had strong words for the house Republicans and went onto to say that he hopes the shutdown ends quickly.

"When they come to their senses, I hope it will be today and this will be a real short lived shutdown because there are real economic consequences for shutting down not just for those 800,000 federal employees and their families that are going to be laid off but also for everyone who has to go to some agency of the federal government to have some problem resolved as a result of the shutdown," said Menendez.

Menendez served in the house of representatives 17 years ago during the last government shut down and says that New Jersey's residents need to look to the reason behind the shutdown.

"As someone who has voted continually to keep the government open without conditions. I think they need to look at who is responsible for the circumstances that they are in."

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