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Effects of Government Shutdown felt in South Jersey

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The Government Shutdown leaves hundreds of thousands of people out of work until Congress can agree on a spending bill. Many of those federal employees work right here in South Jersey.

"Everything is cut down right now. We have just been watching the news." Dustin Abarca wasn't sure what was going to happen when he showed up to work at the FAA Technical Center on Tuesday morning. But when he was called into an employee meeting, he knew it was not going to be another 9:00 to 5:00 day.

"We lost half of the staff so far. We are trying to do as much as we can with the staff we have right now." Due to the Government Shutdown Abarca, is currently furloughed, along with many of his coworkers.

In a statement, the FAA says that safety research, airport research and development work will continue, citing that safety is the top priority. However work on the NextGen program has stopped.

The Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Galloway is also closed to all visitors until the shutdown is over.

"It's very disappointing. We packed a picnic, and brought binoculars. We were hoping to sight see, and see some birds," said Forsythe visitor, Susan Kelley.

In a statement, the refuge says that only limited functions needed to protect human life and property will continue.

At this time essential government workers are continuing their daily work routines. For example postal and social security workers.

Until the shutdown comes to an end, those looking for change, like Ocean City resident and folk singer John Willcox, will continue to spread their message in hopes of a quick decision.

The last time the Federal Government shutdown was in 1995, which was also the longest shutdown, lasting a total of 21 days. At this time it is unclear how long this one will last.

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