Neighbors describe tense moments in Hamilton Twp. plane crash -

Neighbors describe tense moments in Hamilton Twp. plane crash

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Keith Lang described the sights and sounds right before a single engine plane came crashing down in the woods near his neighborhood Friday evening.

“There are a lot of planes that come through here that are pretty low, this was very low," said Lang.

Lang says he was in his bedroom when debris from the plane starting raining down on his property.

"It sounded like a gunshot at first,” said Lang.

"After I heard the bang I ran out here and saw the wing of the plane."

Lang says a piece of debris bounced off his roof before landing in his backyard. A few hundred yards away, Lang found the shattered cockpit canopy.

"It was scary, I didn't want to come outside, it was that scary," said Lang.

Other neighbors described a scene that looked like a tragic stunt show.

"I heard a noise, it sounded like a car with screeching tires, a real funny noise,” said witness Rich Defeo.

“And I look back and seen it, it looked like it was doing tricks."

Defeo said it wasn't an explosion that followed but rather a loud crashing sound. He then hopped on his quad to check out the scene.

"They were putting the fire out, the woods were on fire and all I see is a big pile of aluminum about ten feet high and twelve feet wide," said Defeo.

Defeo says the plane came to rest about eighty yards from a house. And as the investigation continues, neighbors reflected on what was a startling evening.

"It was scary,” said Lang, “it was very scary."

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