Chalk Art Festival takes Artlantic to new dimension -

Chalk Art Festival takes Artlantic to new dimension

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Over the past several months you may have noticed art installations popping up around Atlantic City, but none of them quite like this one.

"I think it's amazing," said one sightseer. "When you look at them on the ground they're amazing but when you take a picture of it it pops right out."

They're called 3D anamorphic street paintings and they're all a part of the Do AC 3D Chalk Art Festival.

You an't see it with the naked eye but when you take a picture of them the paintings seem to pop right out of the ground.

But how does the optical illusion work? We asked the experts.

"Well it's a lot of practice to get the amount of distortion you need. The further you are from your view point the more the object needs to be stretched in order to look correct," said street painter Chris Carlson of Colorado.

Before they start, each artist uses string and chalk to outline their project.

"Basically one of the keys is that all of the vertical lines - anything that's gonna look like it's popping out is coming off the central point right here," sontinued Carlson.

Artists say there are ny number of reasons why sidewalk painting is their preferred medium.

 "It's very manageable," said Julio Jimenez. "Since I'm blending with my hands, it's not like I'm holding a brush."

"Well you can do enormous things," said Carlson. "And being in the street is awesome because of the accessibility and the public can see you and interact with your art.

And tourists agree he festival is a great way to expose the general public to art.

"I think it's a good idea. I think they should do more. It's free to the public, so it's kind of a way for the talent to be shown and the public to see," said a tourist.

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