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Here Comes The Chill

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Good Tuesday morning to you, South Jersey! I hope you all were able to stay a little warmer this morning with the one-two punch of cool air and a cooler northerly wind working against us. This is all due to a large and strong core of high pressure that has moved into the Ohio River Valley and will continue to drift eastward over the next few days. Until it does, we'll feel the effects of that easterly sector of a core of high pressure...namely the northerly winds and cool, dry air that goes with it. We'll see plenty of sunshine today from the coast to the Pinelands, but it will be a struggle to warm up at all. Highs will only reach the mid to upper 60s on both the mainland and beaches with a breezy north wind at 10 to 20mph. The good news is that winds calm down tonight. That does, however, open the door for a rather chilly night. An effect called "radiative cooling" will take over tonight. That occurs when you have clear skies, little to no wind, and dry air in place. Those three factors allow for the rapid loss of any daytime heating at the surface, as it all goes straight up into the atmosphere. So tonight's lows, if anything, will be cooler than what we saw last night. Temperatures will drop into the low to mid 40s in the Pinelands, while the coast holds steady in the low 50s with a light northeast wind at 5 to 10mph. A slow but gradual warm up begins tomorrow as high pressure begins to slip eastward. Winds will start from the northeast but shift to the southeast over the course of the day, which will help bring up some slightly warmer air. Skies remain sunny, but we stand a much better chance at eclipsing the 70 degree mark. Highs should reach the low 70s across the board with that light wind at 5 to 10mph.

The end of the work week features a return to average, if not slightly above average, temperatures that will carry into the weekend. Skies remain partly to mostly sunny despite the passage of a weak warm front on Friday, with both Thursday and Friday featuring highs in the upper 70s on the mainland and low to mid 70s on the coast. Once we reach Friday, however, we must shift our focus to the west. A cold front will once again approach the region and give us another shot at some unsettled weather. This time, the target time (At the moment) is Saturday afternoon into early Sunday morning. That time frame could see some showers and thunderstorms as that front passes. Highs for both weekend days will toe the line of 80 degrees on the mainland while the coast remains in the mid 70s. Of the two days, Sunday appears to be the more enjoyable one, but this is depending on the timing and speed of this front. Once this cold front departs, high pressure regains control, and another cool shot of air comes into play. Highs for the start of the first work week of fall (Remember...fall officially starts at 4:44pm on Sunday) should backtrack into the low 70s.

Have a great day!

- Meteorologist Adam Rutt

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