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"Day in the life of a lineman" provides electrical safety tips

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Whether it is above our head or below our feet, Atlantic City Electric officials demonstrated the power of electricity and what it can do when proper precautions are ignored.

"We use electricity for everything, everyday, where it's almost your second handed,” said Work Leader George Olivio.

“You don't think about it. Well, hopefully this educates you and keeps you safe."

Atlantic City Electric's “Day in the Life of a Lineman” showed the safety precautions taken by workers, from hardhats to rubber gloves, as well as tips for residents, like avoiding power lines when painting the house to properly exiting a vehicle, should it become tangled in wires.

"Safety is number one when it comes to electricity,” said Senior Technical Instructor Rick Dupuis.

“It’s really dangerous and that's good for people to know. If you see a wire down, don't go near it."

And as linemen took to the sky, the unfortunate examples of what happens when you get too close to electricity were on display.

"Electricity always seeks the easiest path to the ground,” said Olivio.

“Don't become that easy path to the ground and you'll be fine."

And while losing power can be frustrating for some, Atlantic City Electric officials urged residents to let trained professionals handle downed wires and potentially save your life in the process."

"Safety, safety is the main topic. We don't want no one getting hurt," said Olivio.

Officials say the training yard provides a valuable tool for new linemen with 14 classes given over the course of three and a half years, all with the goal of keeping workers, residents, and even animals safe.

"This is one of the things we do to hopefully train and educate the public,” said Olivio.

Officials are asking residents to avoid any electrical hazards they may encounter and to call Atlantic City Electric at 800-833-7476 should they find a downed wire.

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