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FEMA releases preliminary flood maps in Cape May County

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Cape May County residents like Ed Quigley of Ocean City are hoping the newly released FEMA preliminary work flood maps will reduce the number of homes located in the high risk–velocity zone and eliminate some of the confusion caused by the maps.

"I would definitely be for it, if they reduce the size of the v–zone" said Quigley.

"2 doors down, 3 doors down from here, it cut through their property. One side of the property is in the v- zone, the other is not. What’s he do, raise half his house? I don't think so."

And in Cape May Court House Tuesday morning, the process of adopting the new preliminary flood maps began.

"We are now moving away from the advisory board flood elevation maps,” said FEMA hazard mitigation specialist Patrick Holloway.

“We are now into the regulatory process leading up to the new official maps."

The preliminary maps will replace the advisory base flood elevation maps and will reduce the size of the v–zone according to FEMA officials.

And while v–zones are being reduced from the maps released right after Hurricane Sandy, FEMA says these preliminary maps have increased the size of the v–zone compared to the previous insurance maps, which have been in place for more than 20 years.

"The current effect insurance maps to what the work maps are showing state wide, including Cape May County, there is a greater risk overall in the special flood hazard areas," said Holloway.

"For residents like Ed Quigley, the hope is that the new map will correct some of the problems of the old one. For example, Ed says his house is in the v-zone, while just a few doors down on his street, those houses are not.

"Half the houses in this area are in the v–zone, half are not,” said Quigley.

“Some of them are closer to the bay than I am and they're out of the v–zone."

Officials say each municipality will analyze the maps and communicate with FEMA as far as any changes they might wish to make.

"If they adjusted it, I would definitely benefit from it," said Quigley.

"I'd be a happy camper."

For more details on the FEMA maps, click here.

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