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Jersey Shore Children's Museum update

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Things are looking up for the Jersey Shore Children's Museum.

"We're going to be bigger and better than ever before," says Matt Gilliano President of the Children's Museum.

When the Shore Mall's impending closing shut out the Jersey Shore Children's Museum last year, Matthew Gilliano felt in his gut the museum's closure would be short lived.

"We're looking to open up a temporary location with about 6 of our exhibits inside the Hamilton Mall around mid–September," explains Gilliano.

Secured just a week ago, board members of the children's museum say materials and exhibits will begin to be removed from storage and taken to their temporary location in the mall.

"It gets us back open and in front of people's eyes again to see that we're really here to stay," he says.

Gilliano is also excited about the benefit this temporary location will have with potential donors, because according to Gilliano, without a physical location donors were few and far between.

"Everyone was like well where are you, and we've had to say well we have a spot, but we can't really talk about where we're at because its not official," he says.

Which is why securing the Hamilton Mall location was so vital to the museum's resurrection. Because now they can show potential donors their space, and start collecting donations more aggressively to start construction on their permanent location.

"Our goal is about 50,000 dollars and we're about a third of the way there," he says.

As for the temporary location, Gilliano says that it will have 6 to 7 exhibits with some old favorites like the hospital, country store, and construction zone.

"It's a place for kids to come and play not just by themselves, but with their parents," says Gilliano.

Putting this museum back in the memory making business.

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